Raymond Island Landcare Group

RI Landcare logoOne of the less discussed features of Raymond Island is the amazing community that resides here.

Here is a nice YouTube video that was posted recently about the Landcare group doing some fabulous work.

(For koala watchers there is a lovely little one in the video!)

As Rohan says in the video, the area shown was completely overgrown with bracken.

Hard-working members of the Raymond Island Landcare group have completely turned it around.

They had some vital support from a local business (worthy plug below and in the video) who supplied a huge amount of mulch.

LIVINGSTONE SAFE TREE, Newlands Arm, Tel: 03 5156 7020 or 0407 273 957.

If you would like to donate to the Raymond Island Landcare group so they can keep up their good work, please leave a comment below – and I will be happy to let you know who to contact.

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