About Raymond Island


Raymond Island is one of the best places in Australia to see Koalas close up.

The island is just off the coast of Paynesville, in the inland saltwater Gippsland Lakes system and is easily accessible by foot (free) or car ($10) on the Raymond Island Ferry.

The Raymond Island Koala Walk (free – just follow signs) takes visitors along the tree-lined streets of Raymond Island where Koalas are plentiful.

Just look up .. you’ll see them asleep or eating or just chillin’ in the trees.

If you are driving, please drive slowly and be very watchful.

The koalas change trees during the day as well as at night, so you may see them walking along the roads.


There is also an abundance of other wildlife including birds, kangaroos and echidnas.

If you are a camera buff, this is an amazing place to stay.

If you are into fishing, Raymond Island is in the famed Gippsland Lakes (salt water estuaries/rivers) – plenty of bream, flathead and prawns (depending on the season).

The island is approximately 4 hours from Melbourne, 6 hours from Canberra.

Come and stay with us in this little piece of paradise in the Gippsland Lakes.


Here is where we are:

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