Paynesville Wine Bar

8 Ball Poster Dec 2013There are so many things to do on Raymond Island.

But when you are looking for night-time entertainment, look no further than the Paynesville Wine Bar.

During the week, a quiet wine recommended by the highly knowledgeable owner Geoff goes down a treat.

But .. in my humble opinion .. the best thing about the Wine Bar is when it is jumping as a live music venue.

The adorable Donna will take your money on the door.

All the door takings go to the band .. and wow, do they have some brilliant acts performing in this tiny little village!

Getting to the Wine Bar from the island is so simple.

Stroll to the ferry (about 6 minutes from 38 Eighth).

On the ferry for the quick trip to Paynesville.

On departing the ferry, cross the road .. and you’re there!

No worries about drink-driving.

Go to the Paynesville Wine Bar page on Facebook for their current schedule of entertainment.

Highly recommended .. and where I usually go for my very occasional night off.

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