Raymond Island Information

There has been a gathering of minds on Raymond Island.

koala on deck
© Julie Pianto Photography

A recent upgrade to the Raymond Island website and a decision by the webmaster to try and bring all social media and internet information together has resulted in a link being set up between the website, twitter account and facebook page.

Visitors, islanders and locals alike are more than welcome to post comments, photos, questions etc. to the twitter and facebook pages.

The website is the place to visit when you want to know anything about Raymond Island.

Here are the links:

Twitter –

Facebook –

Website – ** NEW website coming soon **

Enjoy – and become involved – we’d all love to hear from you!


Raymond Island Ferry Times

Raymond Island ferry

I have had a few people contact me regarding the Raymond Island Ferry times.

At the moment, the ferry runs every 20 minutes leaving from the Island side on the hour, 20 minutes past the hour and 20 minutes to the hour.


East Gippsland Shire Bows to Pressure


It has been a torrid couple of months for Raymond Islanders.

The East Gippsland Shire draft budget proposed some massive (e.g. double from $10 per trip to $20 per trip) increases to the cost of getting to and from Raymond Island.

The Raymond Island community was horrified – not just for themselves, but for the many visitors who come to this idyllic part of the Gippsland Lakes.


Raymond Island Landcare Group

RI Landcare logoOne of the less discussed features of Raymond Island is the amazing community that resides here.

Here is a nice YouTube video that was posted recently about the Landcare group doing some fabulous work.

(For koala watchers there is a lovely little one in the video!)


Paynesville Wine Bar

8 Ball Poster Dec 2013There are so many things to do on Raymond Island.

But when you are looking for night-time entertainment, look no further than the Paynesville Wine Bar.


Wildlife Photography

echidna2It’s not just koalas on Raymond Island – there’s lot of other interesting subjects too.

As you can tell, I am not a professional photographer (in fact, this echidna was snapped on my iPhone).

Imagine what someone who knew what they were doing could produce!

Raymond Island is a plentiful smorgasbord for either amateur or professional photographers.

The scenery is amazing.

Flora and fauna are amazing.

All on an island 6km long – so easy to find subjects.

If you are interested in Wildlife Photography you should definitely come for visit.

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

You can just wander or drive around the island yourself.

Alternatively, there are a couple of the locals who occasionally do guided walks.

They have intimate knowledge of Raymond Island and may show you hidden gems like native orchids.

On the walk you can usually see koalas aplenty, kangaroos grazing and incredible bird life.

If you are lucky (and an early riser) you might get to photograph the dolphins swimming through the straits.

Just bring yourself and a camera and delight in what Raymond Island can offer.



Koala and Wildlife Shelter Fundraiser

shelterfundraiserNov13There is a koala and wildlife shelter on Raymond Island to care for injured or sick koalas, kangaroos and other wildlife.

The shelter is run by volunteers and has to raise funds for medications, vet bills etc.

On Tuesday November 12th between 1 – 3 PM, there is a fundraiser being held at the Raymond Island Community Hall.



42cmbreamThe Gippsland Lakes are famous for their fishing.

The picture is of a 42cm black bream I caught (I don’t have a pic of the 45cm one I got!).

The salt water lakes and three rivers flowing into them are full of bream, flathead and many other species.


Dolphins at Raymond Island

I just found this lovely video on YouTube.

It is probably the best local dolphin video I have seen.

I never seem to have my camera with me when I see the dolphins (which swim regularly through the straits between Raymond Island and Paynesville).


New Raymond Island Ferry Timetable

Raymond Island ferryThe Raymond Island Ferry will be using a new timetable as from 1st November 2013.

The ferry will leave Raymond Island on the hour, 20 minutes past the hour and 20 minutes to the hour.