42cmbreamThe Gippsland Lakes are famous for their fishing.

The picture is of a 42cm black bream I caught (I don’t have a pic of the 45cm one I got!).

The salt water lakes and three rivers flowing into them are full of bream, flathead and many other species.

On a single day fishing on the Metung boardwalk (in the pouring down rain!) I caught bream, mullet, flathead, silver trevally and even a flounder (on a baited hook).

Here at Raymond Island, there are bream and flathead aplenty (depending on the time of year).

It’s been a warm winter and the gossip is that the flathead are already moving.

Best bait is sandworm for bream, bluebait for flatties.

I also try shelled local prawn if it’s a bit quiet.

Of course, all you younger folk will probably be using soft plastics.

Pink is apparently the colour of the month for flathead.

Times are as per usual .. dawn and dusk .. and keep the bait moving.

Bream prefer structures .. so jetties are a good start (although my favourite spot isn’t a jetty!).

Flathead lay around on the sandy bottom of the lake .. so plenty of places to try.

I’ll keep you posted when the prawns start running .. fantastic bait (and a good feed on the BBQ too!).


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Hey Nick,

Lots of fishing off jetties and beaches. In Feb water should be nice and clear with Flathead, Bream, Mullet and a few other waifs and strays around. Aaron at the tackle shop in Paynesville (almost opposite the ferry) is the person to talk to when you get here. He usually has all the current info and can advise bait/tackle etc.

Hi There. What is fishing landbased off raymond island like in Feb ? coming down then and keen to know what people catch


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